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also i tend to post when i should be either asleep or leaving the house

Name: cindy
Age: 47
Location: somerville, ma

Tumblr: babbleismysuperpower
Twitter: @tsukinobara

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: i work for tax people but am not myself a tax person (i'm an admin), so i can't answer your tax questions. i have a, uh, we'll say "idiosyncratic" relationship with punctuation and commas and sentence structure which i always feel i should apologize for. i want to call myself a storyteller rather than a writer but that sounds so pretentious in my head, so i define myself as "person who writes some and talks/thinks about writing a lot more", except in november when i do nanowrimo and late in the spring when i'm rushing to finish my fic for spn_j2_bigbang by may 1 and panicking the entire time. i'm straight, single, cis, vaguely

...i think i just saw a snowflake.

nerdy/geeky, vaguely crafty, vaguely bakey, vaguely fannish, and vaguely jewish. i like buildings and tiny things and old cars and chinese food and baked goods and historical tidbits of nifty (have you heard about the great molasses flood?) and bookbinding and diy furniture and photography and penguins and hedgehogs and comic books, and i have opinions about hair, and i actually like winter weather, and i am easily distracted.

Top 5 fandoms (ie, "things that make me squee"): marvel movieverse, skam (aka the tiny show), vikings (the tv show, altho historical vikings are pretty cool), nifty architecture, vintage cars, and outer space.

...ok, so that's six. when tom hardy's new show premieres i might have to add that too. and izombie when it comes back.

I mostly post about: see "describe yourself in five sentences" above. :D what i did with my day, links of random that cross my path (currently not many since i've been off twitter since the presidential election - i get all my good links from twitter), movies i've seen, tv shows i watch, the wednesday reading meme, and occasionally comics i've read or want to read. sometimes i have adventures in baking and have to share. my lj is unflocked if you want to know what you're getting into before you get into it.

My last three LJ posts were about: 1 carrie fisher and dinner and a movie with my cousins. 2 jewish girls' christmas (my sister and i saw rogue one and went out for chinese food) and what i did with my monday. 3 a very merry to the flist.

How often do you post? How about commenting? i usually post at least a couple times a week. i comment reasonably frequently but am trying to comment more.

Gif that describes my day so far:

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