Chris (one_raido) wrote in 2017revival,

Never left lj

I've been on lj since 2004. If someone actually took the time to stalk my journal, it may not look like it, as I've gone back and deleted posts, and still do, as I don't think it needs to be forever in history. When I journaled on paper I would go back and burn old journals in a cleansing way. I journal about daily stuff, and also about serious stuff in an effort to figure life out. Once figured out there's no reason to keep it, I guess. Now that my son is older my strifes are changing, if that makes sense.

Anyway, I am not into fandom, but don't mind if you are, just don't expect me to comment a lot on it.

Name: Chris
Age: 57
Location: Minneapolis

Occupation: Former sports journalist, now program assistant for Park & Rec

Open-minded - but sometimes I need to check myself if I get a little judgey. Mostly a free-spirit who is interested in living. I'm involved in a collie rescue, have a grown son (19) still living at home. Single mom since he was 1.

What I do the most: Read and swim.

What you can't tell by looking at me: I'm a twin. While I like reggae I am not rastafarian. 
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