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I'm probably doing this wrong because I mostly forgot how to meet/talk to strangers on the internet when I became a grown up. I love the idea of bringing back lj, I will try to do my part.

Name: Nico

Age: 39

Location: Bay Area, CA

Describe yourself in five sentences or less:

I'm an anthropologist working in mental health continuing education.

I'm an anti-corporate anarchist with a toddler and a teenager.

I'm a queer identified woman, married to a straight man who is totally amazing.

One of these days I will both go back to grad school and write that book already...

I mostly post about... life, things that are terrible, poetry.

My last three LJ posts were about... poetry and probably the drama at work or with my ex husband

How often do you post? Not often quite frankly, but I keep telling myself to try harder.

I have no idea how to post a gif from my phone on this app.

So anyway, hello. I'm glad we will have lj to help document our descent into this post apocalyptic political nightmare we have landed in.

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